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Cafe Creme Cigars

Country of origin: Europe

Year of foundation: 1963

Café Crème is STG's most international brand. It is a small cigar which is sold in 115 countries and is the most well-known and best selling brand in the category in the world. Café Crème is also a market leader in countries such as France and the UK.

There are four categories to the brand:

The Core range:

Café Crème (the original)

Café Crème Filter Tip

Café Crème Blue

Café Crème Noir

The Aromatic range:

Café Crème Arôme

Café Crème Filter Arôme

Café Crème Filter Tip Arôme

Café Crème Italian Macchiato

Café Crème French Vanilla

The Finos range (*):

Café Crème Finos

Café Crème Finos Blue

Café Crème Finos Arôme

Café Crème Finos Italian Macchiato

Café Crème Finos French Vanilla

The Filter & Flavour range:

Café Crème Vanilla Honeyswirl

Café Crème Espresso Rumtwist

Café Crème Caramel Cream

(*) The original name of the brand is Café Crème Finos. But in France the name is Café Crème Piccolini and Café Crème Express in the United Kingdom.

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Cafe Creme Cigars 25 $ 46.80
Cafe Creme Blue - Tin of 10 Cigars 25 $ 48.10
Cafe Creme Filter Tip Arome Cigars 25 $ 63.70

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