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Don Augusto Cigars

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Year of foundation: 1915

Don Augusto Toro, from the awful Thompson cigars. Almost everybody that has started out on cigars gets the recommendation from someone that they should check out Thompson cigars. My advice is, do not listen to them! Back in 2004, when I first really got into cigars, I was given an old humidor (40 ct. size, holes were filled with glue), and some cigars. There were a couple of these cigars that looked like the kind that you could find in the local gas station next to the Phillies - comical blue and white striped labeled with gold lettering , just one of those cigars that is meant for a- "it's a boy! it's a girl!" occasion. It's the venerable Don Augusto. I have never seen these cigars on any other website, so I'm going to assume that these are Thompson's 3rd rate specials. They sell for about $1 each, which is the standard Thompson's cheap deal. Anyways, these cigars had sat in my humidor for the next year, and from what I understand, they were now about 4-5 years old. Not wanting to toss out a cigar based on where it came from, I decided to light the Don Augusto Toro up. I sat outside in the cold spring air and I was floored!

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