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La Aurora Cigars

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Year of foundation: 1903

The origin of La Aurora dates back to 1903 in the community of Don Pedro, Guazumal, Tamboril, where Don Eduardo Leon Jimenes founded the cigar factory. For over a century the factory honors his work ethic in the manufacture of high quality cigars, according to the demands of domestic and international markets, and the tradition, the historic quality and personal touch that employees contribute.

Over the years La Aurora has earned numerous awards for its hand made cigars.

Enjoy The Experience

Enjoy the experience of visiting the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, where you can see how skilled craftsmen and women produce our cigars with high quality standards. It is an appealing and entertaining guided tour given by our knowledgeable staff, skilled professionals in our industry. You will experience our tradition and history first hand as well as learn about our prestigious brands, La Aurora and Leon Jimenes.

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